I want to put my business online, but I don't know where to start. This is my first website, can you help me?

Absolutly! Refresh Creativity offers free consultation on all of our services. We guide you through the entire development process.

What preparations does my business have to do to get online?

Brochures, logos, photographs, business cards etc. are all great resources to use. Need a logo? Refresh Creativity can create you a brand new logo for just $99.

What information should I have ready upon purchasing my design package?

We will need your business profile, contact information, products and any services, and any other information you intend to present on your website. Also completion of all Website Planning forms. 

If I already have a site can you help me improve it?

Usually when we  get these kinds of requests, the current site is beyond repair and needs to be rebuilt. Rebuilding your site will save you money in the long run. It will also look a lot better. 

Can you use my business's existing logo, for my website?

Yes, we can accept almost any type of file. If your materials are printed, we can scan and convert them. Your website will be consistent with your existing image that your customers already know & remember. We do prefer .PNG files though. 

Does my business need to be computer-based in order to have a website?

No, developing a website is about exposing your business and generating new clients. Your business can benefit from a website no matter what the industry.

What does website maintenance and updates mean?

Website Maintenance or Website Updates refers to changes made to your website after the initial design & setup. Keeping a website up-to-date is essential in having repeat visitors to your site. Updating the site with sales, articles, new products, newsletters, press releases, financial figures and links are all examples of website Maintenance.

Revisions of your site can be billed as per account managers discretion.

Who writes the copy/text for each of the pages on the website?

We suggest that you supply the content and that will be charged up to $3 per page but if we need to create the content, it will be $6 or more depending on complexity. 

Do you offer payment plans? 

We accept half payment up front and the other half upon project completion. Other payments plans may be worked out if needed. 

What areas do you serve? 

We serve many industries including Legal, Small Business, Repair, Medical, Music, Photography, Restaurants & Real Estate. Our main area we serve is Western New York, mostly Chatauqua and Cattaraugus County. 

How can we pay to get started?

You can pay immediately after or during our first consultation and we can get started that day. We accept payments via check, cash, and credit cards. Credit cards can be used in person or via our new car processing system through Paypal. 

Are your Web Design costs one time?

Depends on whether or not you need revisions that are not defined in the contract. 

Do you have your own servers?

No, we use a very secure and trusted source for all of our hosting needs. This is a large business that has been in the industry for years and is a trusted name. We want to continue to focus on providing you the best design services. However, we do sell chunks of space with its own cPanel to our clients. 

Do I have to host with you?

We prefer that you do in order to serve you better. We know that our hosting is reliable and compatible with all the software that we use to build your sites with. 

Where are you located?

Little Valley, NY, Cattaraugus County 

Can I have a site that looks like this?

We can make the site look any way you want. We can also do similar themes and styles as other sites. Sometimes copyright issues do come in the way of doing direct copying, so we stay away fromt hat. 

I want a site like eBay/MySpace/Youtube/...etc. Can you do this?

These types of websites require complex programming and will be priced individually. We will most likely outsource portions of this project and act as a broker for the design services. Costs can exceed $10,000 for this type of work. In addition to this cost, you are responsible for all marketing fees. 

How Does Your Web Design Process Work?

1. Initial Consultation

All of our projects begin with a free initial consultation to determine your requirements. Our account manager will work closely with you to determine your exact needs and wants. We will gather as much information as we can from you during this first meeting. Please bring as much information about your business as possible. 

2. Contracts

After we have addressed any and all of your concerns we can verify and agree upon project terms and requirements. Once we have explained the pricing and services for your project, you can agree and sign our simple Web development contract. This contract is for the development of the site only, site maintenance is not included in the contract. Also a Web hosting can be signed as well as domain managment services. 

3. Payment

Upon signing of the contract we require half of the total project cost amount. Once the project is completed you can pay the remaining balance. You can also pay earlier. 

4. Content Gathering

We will gather from you the necessary text and any other content for your website including any media. Professional copywriting services are available. Try to have some information at the initial meeting though. 

5. Design Development

We normally ask for a few examples of websites that you like and any competitor examples. You can also look at anything in our portfolio to get extra ideas for your site. We can create a first revision within 2-5 days of receiving the last piece of content. At this point we will take some revisions and make any changes you may want in order to complete a mockup layout.

6. Web Development

We will begin development of the site pages and content after receiving approval for your mockup design.

7. Evaluation

Once the site is built, you will be able to view the entire site to make sure that everything is how you want it. You can submit final revisions at this time and give final approval before the site is launched.

8. Website Launch

We will make your website fully accessible to the public. 

9. Support

After your website has launched, we will work with you to establish a regular maintenace schedule for your website.

My website targets a serious and mature audience. Can you make clean HTML and non flash corporate websites?

Yes, we actually prefer to make professional websites that are geared towards a mature audience. Our corporate business websites are clean and compact that do not distract the audience with unnecessary graphic components.

What is your typical turn around period?

We can usually complete websites within 2-4 weeks. The quicker you submit your content to us the quicker your site will be done as this is the biggest time consumer on projects.

Will you custom design our website for this price?

We will absolutely design a custom website for you! The prices vary on custom work depending on your requests.

Can you host our website and register our domain name?

Yes, our new packages include domain registration and web hosting together.

After you have designed our website, can we manage it ourselves easily?

You can manage your website easily if it is built with Content Managment software. Most of our sites are now made with that anyway. 

Do you offer Emergency After Hours Support?

You may call 24/7 and leave a message describing your issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also text us now!

Can you help us get listed in Search Engines?

Your website will be optimized for search engines and also manually placed in Googles website database.

I am a small home business, do you work with Individuals?

Yes, we actually prefer working with small businesses and individuals because it is a more personal experience.

What are your Business Hours?

They are flexible. Always call us and find out. 

What are your Terms of Service?

You can find our Terms of Service here

What is your Privacy Policy?

You can find our Privacy Policy here