Convert Your Memories

Photographs and VHS tapes deteriorate overtime causing all those memories that have been captured to be lost forever. So before it's too late, let Refresh Creativity "convert your memories" to digital. We offer a simple process to our clients where their memories are easily downloadable anytime they want them. 

  • Files remain on a secure "cloud" or burned to client supplied media*
  • Images remain original (non-edited)
  • Turn-around time: 1 week**


VHS Tapes:

$20 per tape, $15 per tape if you have 5 or more to be converted

  • File saved as a MPEG-4



$0.10 per photo

  • Files saved in .JPEG format
  • Come in a bulk zip-file


  1. Fill out form. 
  2. You send all media to Refresh Creativity. 
  3. Upon receipt we begin scanning photos or importing videos. You will be able to check the status at any time by logging into the client portal.
  4. When complete we notify you of your invoice amount.
  5. Upon receipt of payment we send back your original media (and your burned copy if you went with that option).
  6. You will be able to log-in anytime to retrieve your photos and/or videos on our server.

         When you sign up you will be agreeing to this contract


*$5 fee for each media content is burned to
**May take additional time in the event of high volumes
Additional notes: 1. No copyrighted content will be converted, unless you have written authorization from content creator.